In the age of fake news, director Errol Morris shoots for the truth with Wormwood

In 1975, this story caused a sensation: Frank Olson, a CIA scientist, had not committed suicide on Nov. 28, 1953, as his family had thought. Instead, he was crazed from the effects of a secret dose of LSD that a fellow CIA agent had slipped into his drink nine days before his death. He hadn’t meant to kill himself. He was an unfortunate victim of a covert U.S. government program called MKUltra, which identified and developed drugs and procedures to force confessions. read more

Now on TV: Round two of Trump’s sexual-misconduct battle

The October revolution, for that is what it was, started in print. read more

Big Little Lies returning for a second season on HBO

Big Little Lies, the Emmy-winning drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, is returning for another season, HBO announced on Friday, with a lot of the cast expected to return. read more

CBC documentary Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas has heft and beauty

From the annals of annual complaints, this one is most likely the least significant — the whining and groaning about Christmas music being played too early in shops and malls. Our lives are really lacking in distress and distress if that’s as bad as it gets. read more

New series Happy!

Is bonkers — just like our truth

Exactly how Canadian specialty stations select their menu of imported series from U.S. radio and streaming solutions is a terrific mystery. Always, there are lots of acclaimed series which are unavailable in Canada. And always, the strangest items are selected and offered here. read more