Cancon television regulations need updating in the age of streaming

A little bunny named Max frolicked across television screens this week, building sandcastles at the beach under the eye of his sister both rabbits unaware that they represent a Program of National Interest.The term may seem quaintly overblown,… Read More

Apple reportedly planning to Invest $1-billion Growing Films and TV

Apple Inc. intends to invest about $1 billion on programming in the next 12 months, intensifying efforts to compete with Inc. and Netflix Inc. in video streaming, according to individuals knowledgeable about the plan.A new Los Angeles-based… Read More

Netflix scoops Shonda Rhimes from ABC

Netflix has enticed Shonda Rhimes, the well-regarded creator of TV series “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” from ABC — announcing its own spade only days after ABC proprietor Disney laid out plans to pull programming from Netflix.Netflix said Rhimes’… Read More

Canada’s homegrown TV content needs to come home

As somebody that has been producing television and film for 30 years, I, like most in the business, am anxious to see that our Heritage Minister recommendation. Our minister, Mélanie Joly, took office telling journalists who She’ll need… Read More

breaking coverage from sources

After three terrorists attacked London in minutes, in the spring my son knew more about it than I did. The alert on my phone from a news organization linked with information to a narrative; my son hit on… Read More