New Netflix drama Dark is a Gorgeous, bleak thriller

It’s easy to see why the new Netflix play Dark (currently streaming) was selected to feature in the Toronto International Film Festival in September. It looks stunning. read more

‘I Believe I passed’: CBC’s Hubert Lacroix reflects on his time as president

Hubert Lacroix was seething. In early November, 2014, the president of CBC/Radio-Canada had just gotten his hands on the book Ici √Čtait Radio-Canada, an incendiary assault by ex-employee Alain Saulnier, who was dismissed two years before as head of the public broadcaster’s French-language news and current affairs. The publication, Lacroix remembered this week, comprised dozens of issues which he thought ranged from factual inaccuracies to libels. So he consulted with a lawyer and ready to sue. read more

Jim Nabors, Famous for role in Andy Griffith Show, dies at 87

Jim Nabors, the bashful Alabaman whose down-home humor made him a TV star as Gomer Pyle and whose amazingly operatic voice kept him a favorite in Las Vegas and other showplaces, died Thursday. He was 87. read more

Matt Lauer’s Shooting shows a seismic reckoning under way in TV

Exactly what Matt Lauer is accused of doing is unknown at this point. What’s certain is that he’s been fired by NBC. What’s also certain is that morning TV in the United States is now in turmoil. read more

Rogers to cut off Service for Viceland TV Channel

Rogers Media Inc. has advised its partner Vice Media Canada Inc. that it no longer plans to financially support the Viceland television station, leaving the upstart channel’s future in Canada uncertain. read more