Netflix’s Mindhunter: unnerving, brilliant entertainment

You might have heard about Mindhunter, the new and highly anticipated Netflix crime drama. You might have heard that it is about cops trying to comprehend terrifying serial killers. In online promos and trailers you’ve noticed you might have formed the impression, as you’re supposed to, that it is about dreadful crimes. read more

Rebooted Dynasty is camp, but less fabulous

Of all of the probable displays to be revived and rebooted for the modern era, that old, over-the-top soap Dynasty seemed the least likely candidate. Oil tycoons, garish hair and absurd dresses, and Joan Collins, is so 1980s and ridiculous. read more

Everybody awed by Amusement is an enabler of Harvey Weinstein

There are now numerous unsolved allegations against and public stories about Harvey Weinstein that it is tough to find out a circumstance other than disgust. read more

What to learn from the frugal simplicity of Jerry Seinfeld’s humour

Another day, Joe Biden, the prior U.S. vice-president, issued a ferocious and furious attack on Donald Trump. He said that the USA is on “a very dark path” and called on significant individuals to take a stand. read more

Netflix deal receives Demanding reception among Canadian cultural leaders

There’s a saying at Netflix Inc. that the company creates “content for individuals, not quotas.” read more